Clutch repair servicing Kent Valley


Whether you live in East Hill, the Valley or West Hill — if you need clutch repair in Kent Valley, there are some things you should know.

No clutch is going to last forever. The clutch disc experiences constant wear and tear as the miles on your vehicle continue to accumulate. Even a perfectly good clutch can be ruined, just by oil contamination.

There are a number of other things that can go wrong with a clutch, as well.

The clutch pressure plate can become cracked, warped, worn or scored due to the friction and heat that the clutch generates. The hydraulic linkage or cable can fail. The release bearing, fork or pilot bearing or busing can become worn out and eventually, lead to the clutch not working properly. In the following information, we will address the various problems that can occur with a clutch that call for clutch repair in Kent.

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One of the major problems with clutches is slipping. The clutch in your vehicle is supposed to slip any time the clutch is engaged or when the gears change, but when the clutch pedal is not being pressed, the clutch should remain firm and act as a solid buffer between the transmission and the engine. If this isn’t the case, there is something wrong that deserves further investigation and possibly, clutch repair in Kent Valley. The biggest indication that slipping is occurring in your manual vehicle is when you are carrying a heavy load or towing a trailer, driving uphill, accelerating to pass another vehicle or when the vehicle is maintaining a slow speed while driving in a high gear. The most common causes of a clutch slipping (especially in terms of a newly installed clutch) include: a defective cable adjuster, incorrect release system adjustment, oil contamination, a blocked binding slave cylinder or master cylinder port, faulty flywheel function or improperly installed or misaligned release bearings.

A slight slippage in the clutch typically leads to more slippage and therefore, clutch slippage merits taking your vehicle in to a clutch repair shop in Kent Valley.


Clutch chatter refers to jerking or grabbing that happens whenever the clutch is engaged. The most common cause is by grease or oil that develops on the clutch linings; however, it can also be caused by any of the conditions listed below:

  • A grooved or warped flywheel;
  • Glazed or burned linings;
  • A worn pilot bushing or bearing;
  • Missing flywheel dowel pins;
  • Bent or broken drive straps;
  • Worn or damaged input shaft splines or clutch disc;
  • A distorted or bent clutch disc;
  • A loose clutch cover; or
  • External causes

If any clutch chatter is present, it is important to take your vehicle in to a reputable clutch repair shop in Kent Valley shop.


Internal clutch noise can include squeals or growls (commonly caused by seized or worn bearings) or chirping noises (typically caused by vibration in the clutch actuator). Other causes of internal clutch noise can involve:

  • Misaligned or defective release bearing;
  • Defective or worn input shaft bearing;
  • Bent, worn or improperly lubricated fork;
  • Worn input shaft;
  • Misaligned, worn or improperly lubricated pilot bushing or bearing;
  • Misalignment;
  • Improper disc installation;
  • Loose flywheel bolts;
  • Damaged bearing retainer;
  • Worn stop pins;
  • Broken Damper; or
  • Damaged disc splines

Other problems that can arise with a clutch include failure to release and a hard clutch pedal. In order to ensure the repairs are done properly, it’s important to take your vehicle in for repair servicing in Kent Valley, before it’s too late.

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