There are so many things that can go wrong with an automobile even in the best of circumstances and there is no question that to keep a vehicle running both your transmission and clutch have to be in good working order. While many mechanics will work on these parts, or any others, sometimes it’s good to know that you’re seeing a mechanic in the Seattle, Washington, area who actually specializes in this type of work. When you find a mechanic like Mr. Clutch, you know they have the experts to tackle your specific problem and get you back on the road. When the clutch is going out on your vehicle, that’s not something to mess around with. While there are plenty of options around the Seattle area, you don’t want to just settle for an average mechanic or just throwing darts at a phone book. The following article will go on to help explain while finding the right mechanic is critical before agreeing to any major repairs.

How exactly does a clutch work?

Simply put, in the gearbox there are two rotating shafts that need to work in unison, even though they help power different parts of the vehicle. The clutch is what allows these two shafts to work in unison with one another so everything in the vehicle is running smoothly. The clutch allows the power from the engine to be shifted to the tires and helps to regulate both gear and speed. When the clutch on a vehicle begins to go out it can have huge ramifications for the rest of the car. When the power isn’t regulated appropriately from the engine to the tires the car isn’t going to work.

How do you know if it’s time for a Seattle clutch repair mechanic?

There are many different signs that can give you a heads up warning that the clutch is wearing down and possibly even about to go out. It’s important to always keep the vehicle running as smoothly as possible and that means searching for the first sign of trouble whenever something isn’t working exactly as it is supposed to. When it comes to looking for clutch issues, there are several different signs to look for that could be telling you it’s time to give Mr. Clutch a call and see what they can do for you.

A very specific burning smell

While pretty much everyone knows that a burning smell is never a good sign for a car. While often times it might be tires, oil, or a lack of other fluids, a burning smell can also be a sign that the clutch is wearing down and in danger of giving out in the near future. If this smell is particularly strong underneath the vehicle or has small amounts of smoke coming from underneath, then that’s definitely a clear sign that the clutch needs to be checked out.

Pedals sticking

This isn’t always something indicating a clutch problem, but it could mean there is a leak, particularly in any hydraulic lines. This is a problem that should always be looked at and fixed as soon as possible. Sticking pedals are an issue whether they stick before shifting into position or if they tend to stick instead of returning to their regular position. 

Slipping out of gear

This is a common problem and one that is a huge red flag for possible issues with your clutch. This is when your vehicle just slips into a different gear without you shifting at all, and this is an especially huge red flag in regards to the clutch when this action tends to happen when hauling a lot of weight or a trailer. This is an extremely obvious sign of clutch issues and needs to be addressed immediately. Any time a vehicle can just slip out of gear, that’s a very potentially dangerous situation and should be addressed immediately.

Importance of having a good clutch

There’s no argument that a good clutch is important to making sure a vehicle runs well. Even if you don’t specifically see any of these specific signs or issues with your car, truck, or van, sometimes it’s just a good idea to bring in a vehicle for a basic checkup. If it’s been years since the last maintenance checkup or if there’s no specific sign but things just feel a little off whenever you use the clutch, shift gears, or just in accelerating and handling, then it’s never a bad idea to get a full service tune up and see if any obvious problems come up. This transmission and clutch maintenance is also critical for preventing wear and tear that can result in serious car problems.

What do clutch repairs entail?

The answer to this question depends on what actually turns out to be the issue. If you are dealing with just basic maintenance or basic repairs then those might take a relatively short time, while major repairs or outright replacement could take a much larger amount of time. The cost of a job, as well as the hours it takes to do it, will vary based on the damage done, the amount of work and type of work that needs to be done to get your vehicle back up to speed. There’s also the issue of make and model as every vehicle design is different and some are just easier to repair than others.

Don’t go through Seattle with a bad clutch

Often times a good clutch and healthy transmission go hand in hand. The last thing you want while going through downtown Seattle is to have your clutch go out and have to navigate traffic without the benefit of a fully functioning vehicle. That’s not safe for you, your passengers, or other drivers and pedestrians for that matter. When you have any suspicions at all that a clutch might be wearing out, then you need to make sure to find a good Seattle clutch repair mechanic immediately. 

In conclusion

When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable mechanic to take care of any of your Seattle clutch repair needs, you want to look at more than price. Look for experts who know their stuff, have positive customer reviews to back it up, and can handle your problems quickly to get you back on the road again in no time.

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