When it comes to professional clutch repair, you don’t want to take a chance on getting less than professional service. The good news is, when you are in the Kent, Washington, area there are many great service providers to choose from. Depending on the specific issue you have with your vehicle, you may want to find a specialist goes above and beyond your common garage has to offer. This is especially true when dealing with important car parts such as clutch repair, or transmission replacement. In these situations you not only want an affordable option, but you want one where you know you’re getting the full range of services that a true expert can offer you. In these situations you will want to check out the professional and affordable service that comes from going to a Mr. Clutch Auto.

Why is the clutch so important?

A vehicle’s clutch often goes hand in hand with the transmission. Whenever you find your vehicle has issues with shifting gears, or your engine doesn’t seem to be getting the power it should be, then often times you may find the transmission or the clutch is to blame. When you have a standard transmission vehicle you need to be able to recognize when the clutch on your vehicle is giving out. Without a properly working clutch, you will not be able to safely and effectively control your vehicle in every type of traffic or road condition.

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Signs your clutch might be giving out

One of the best things you can do as a vehicle owner is to learn some of the most common signs that indicate your clutch might be wearing out and that it might be time for a checkup, maintenance, or even an outright replacement. If you are going to be driving in area with traffic levels like Kent, Washington, you need to make sure that your vehicle is completely up to par. The good news is that once you know what you are looking for, it is actually fairly easy to recognize when something isn’t working quite the way it should.

The simplest way to know that your clutch is beginning to give out is to simply pay attention to how well your car’s engine is turning power into speed. When everything is working fine you should accelerates fairly quickly and be able to maintain your preferred speed without burying the needle on the RPM. If you are noticing that the engine is showing high RPM whenever you try to accelerate, or even in maintaining a higher speed some amount of time, then that is a surefire sign that there is likely some issue going on with your clutch and possibly the transmission as well.

What does slipping the clutch mean?

One of the easiest ways to know it is time to see a Kent clutch repair mechanic is to recognize if your clutch is slipping. This is one of the most common issues that comes up when your vehicle has a worn-out clutch that needs maintenance, a partial replacement, or even a full replacement. There were two main actions that tend to take place when you have a slipping clutch. The first common sign is that the car accelerates heavily once in a while even when you are not changing gears or after you’re done popping clutch. This is not only a sign that you need to take your car in to a clutch mechanic but it is also dangerous and you should not travel in a car that is having that type of issue.

The other common issue that might be popping up is when you are driving your vehicle and the car slips into another gear without you engaging the clutch. This can cause you to slow down, or to see the RPM jump up as your car switches into the wrong gear for your speed. These are not subtle hints, but problems that should be extremely obvious to even relatively novice drivers. The time you are experiencing either of these issues, you need to go see a mechanic immediately.

Three quick tests to be sure

There are several different little tests you can try to see if your clutch is working the way it should be or if you should be going to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. Generally they all fall under the same category: getting to a certain speed and then shifting gears to see if your car quickly adapts or if it doesn’t. Just a few of the most common tests many people run while driving to check their clutch include:

  • Make sure to shift your vehicle into third or fourth gear once you’re in at 30 mph. Engage the clutch and open the throttle by hitting the gas. If the engine revs high on the RPMs but you’re not picking up major speed, then your clutch is worn out.
  • Try driving in an empty parking lot in 3rd gear, then make sure to put the car in 2nd gear while letting out the clutch. If everything is working the way it should then the RPMs should shoot up. If that does not happen, then it is almost certainly the time to replace the clutch in your vehicle.
  • Finally, test in a parking lot by having your car stopped but running. Shift into second or third gear then let out the clutch. You’re looking at your car’s response: if it does not stall but the RPMs shoot up without the vehicle moving then your clutch is definitely bad and it’s time to see a Kent clutch specialist.

In Conclusion

Whenever you see any of these issues you want to make sure to get them tackled as soon as possible. The sooner you can get a vehicle repaired, the better off you’ll be. Remember when you need to find a Kent clutch repair specialist the right answer is to go with Mr. Clutch Auto Services.

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