What is Involved in Repairing a Chevy Clutch/Transmission?

Generally, if you have a problem with the clutch in your Chevy, then you may likely have a problem with your entire transmission. Depending upon the exact problem you may be able to get your clutch and/or transmission repaired, which is usually a fairly easy and straightforward process. In some cases, though, you may have to replace the clutch or, worse yet, the entire transmission. Obviously, any repair or replacement job you need, especially if it’s s serious, should be done by a reputable, experienced, and professional auto mechanic.

ChevyThe only way to tell exactly what will need to be done for your Chevy’s clutch and/or transmission is to consult with an automobile mechanic. Keep in mind that a good mechanic will diagnose your vehicle problem and offer a quote on his or her prices free of charge. What will need to be done to repair your clutch and/or transmission, if they are indeed repairable, will depend upon the problem found. If you’re curious, don’t be afraid to ask your mechanic to walk you through the basics of the repair job. If a mechanic tells you that your clutch and/or transmission cannot be repaired ,but instead must be replaced entirely, consider getting a second opinion. In any case, always get an accurate rate quote for such a large job.

If your clutch and/or transmission are undergoing complete replacements, don’t worry too much. You can console yourself with the fact that you can now buy a performance clutch or go with a better brand of clutch or transmission than you had previously.

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