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engine replacement diagramYour vehicle relies on its engine to run properly, so, when the engine starts to go bad, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. Generally, the sooner you replace your engine, the less expensive the replacement will be, since waiting too long can cause serious and costly damage to other parts of your vehicle.

If you are taking your car in for regular inspections, as you should be, your mechanic will likely notice the beginning signs of engine trouble early on and can alert you to them. Again, the sooner you catch and fix engine issues, the better. In some cases, you may even be able to have repairs done instead of a full replacement. In addition to taking your car to a mechanic regularly, you will also want to be on the lookout for some of the tell-tale signs of engine trouble.

One sign that could indicate you need a new engine is a smoking tailpipe. Smoke is most likely to come from your tailpipe when you first start your vehicle or when you speed up suddenly, so pay attention when performing these actions if you think you may have an engine problem. Unfortunately, however, if your vehicle exhibits this sign, it is often an indication that engine damage has progressed to a more serious state, and it is quite likely that your car will require other repairs in addition to an engine replacement. Don’t just assume that the problem is so bad it’s not worth fixing, however. Stop driving your car and get it to a mechanic as soon as you possibly can to avoid even further complications.

car engineAlso pay attention to what’s going on underneath your car or, in other words, get to a mechanic if you notice any leaks. While leaks can be signs of a variety of different problems, they often indicate the presence of an engine issue. This is especially true if your vehicle is leaking oil or coolant. Even if the leak you are experiencing is not the direct result of a problem with the engine, leaks could increase the likelihood of overheating, which could eventually cause engine failure.

Your ears can sometimes help you to discover potential problems with your engine. Though it can be tempting to ignore strange sounds coming from your vehicle or to write them off as just “normal car noise,” never disregard any unexplained sounds, especially when they seem to be coming from the engine area of your vehicle. A slight “whirring” sound , for example, is often an indication that there’s trouble with the engine and that you need to see a mechanic. Even if the noise you’re hearing does turn out to be nothing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, cars don’t just start making strange noises for no reason. If you’re hearing a new noise, something is wrong and, whether it involves the engine or not, your car likely needs help from a professional.

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