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differential detailWhen many people hear the term “differential rebuilding,” they are confused as to what it means. The phrase, after all, can sound like something complex and difficult for the average person to understand. Once your realize, however, that the term “differential” simply refers to your vehicle’s rear or back end, it’s easy to understand that this phrase means rebuilding and/or reconstructing that part of your vehicle. You might do this after the differential has been damaged in a car accident or has developed problems through regular wear and tear, for example. While many people do try differential rebuilding jobs on their own, remember that it’s always better to let a professional handle work on your car.

Of course, before you even need to start worrying about or contemplating differential rebuilding, you need to know if your vehicle actually needs this in the first place. Some differential issues can be fixed easily and do not require a rebuild. An experienced, knowledgeable mechanic can inspect your vehicle’s differential for the tell-tale signs of serious wear and tear, damage, and other general problems. If the mechanic detects a serious issue with your pinion, side bearings, or other parts of the vehicle’s rear end, he or she can repair and/or replace these easily.  Your mechanic may also suggest updating or changing certain parts of your differential for a more effective rebuilding job, but any extras should always be optional.

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You aren’t likely to seek a differential rebuild in the first place, though, if you’re staying on top of your car’s regular maintenance needs. You should have a good mechanic carefully inspecting your vehicle every 30,000 miles or so. As long as you’re going in for fairly regular inspections, your mechanic should be able to notice any problems with your differential and to advise you as to how to fix them and as to the urgency of doing so.

In addition to having your mechanic check for any issues with your differential, there are some things you should be on the lookout for as well. If your differential and/or your axles, for example, are making loud noises all of a sudden, you’ll want to have a mechanic look at your vehicle right away. Such sounds can indicate a serious differential problem, so serious in fact, that you shouldn’t drive your vehicle until its back end has been inspected by a professional if you hear these sounds.

Want to know more about differentials? Also known as ring and pinion gear? You asked for it, here’s our friend from M.I.T. to explain in further detail.

If you choose to ignore the signs of a differential problem, you are setting yourself up for disaster. If left unchecked, differential issues could lead to damage to other parts of your vehicle, which could end up making that repair bill a lot higher than it needs to be.  Furthermore, you never know when your vehicle will finally decide it can’t take the differential issues any longer and will die on the side of the road! Don’t let that happen to you; take care of these types of issues right away. Get a free quote on differential rebuild for your car today!

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