Subaru Clutch Repair in the Pacific Northwest

Few vehicles have clutches that work as hard (or as precisely) as the Subaru clutch. While driving a Subaru Legacy is enjoyable, it’s important to understand how everything is working (under the hood), what to look for and how to fix the solution. Keep reading to understand more about Subaru clutch repair in the Pacific Northwest.

Subaru clutches have been designed to handle their own in even the toughest driving conditions, difficult terrain and under the roughest drivers and their nasty habits — no offense, to those of you who take your Subarus to the limit and like to off-road these European models. It’s sad, but true — the sturdy Subaru clutch in your vehicle, like all good things, must come to an end.

How does the Subaru clutch work?

The Subaru clutch, in action is an intricate process. The clutch needs to smoothly engage with the spinning flywheel as it shifts torque power to the gearbox. This job is no easy task; however, the Subaru clutch has been carefully made to handle the job. After years of engaging and disengaging your Subaru clutch, it can wear out. If you are experiencing problems with your clutch, it’s important to find a Subaru clutch repair shop, near you in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding Subaru clutch repair:

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, and your Subaru clutch has started to show signs of wear and tear — it’s important to find a trustworthy clutch repair shop to handle your Subaru clutch issues. Finding a Subaru clutch repair shop — sooner, rather than later is always the best method for ensuring your Subaru clutch will last for years to come, and the repairs will be as affordable, as possible.

Subaru clutch repair: Problems


If you notice the engine starting to accelerate significantly while the car does not increase in speed, then you may need Subaru clutch repair. The description above is known as, several slipping and can have several causes that should be addressed by an experienced professional who has several years of experience in the field of Subaru clutch repair.

If your Subaru clutch is slipping, it may be due to wear on the clutch disc. Another cause of slippage in a Subaru

clutch is due to the disc overheating — you may want to allow the car to cool for an hour to observe whether the slippage stops.

Clutch Noise

If your Subaru clutch is making a lot of noise whenever you press it, this is likely an indication that the pressure plate may be bad. If one of the springs that are holding the pressure plates, in place break — it will be characterized by noise and a lot of vibration. In this situation, your Subaru clutch will likely, need to be replaced.

Another problem that causes clutch noise in a Subaru is wear on the disc (with a broken spring) or a worn rubber diaphragm. If this is the issue with your Subaru, the clutch will probably need a replacement.

If the bearings are the cause of the noise, then the clutch has to be taken apart in order to replace the bearings.

Whether you have a Subaru WRX or another turbo Subaru that requires a high-performance clutch OR you have a vehicle that requires a standard Subaru clutch model — finding a Subaru clutch repair in the Pacific Northwest is essential to the life span of your European vehicle.

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