Let Us Fix Your Auto Transmission Problems

If you have transmission problems, you want the best transmission repair possible. That’s why you need to seriously consider taking your clutch and transmission problems to Mr. Clutch.

Top Transmission Services

We’re you’re local transmission repair leader. Choose Mr. Clutch for all of your vehicle’s clutch and transmission repair needs. Mr. Clutch offers the most popular service in clutch and transmission repair in all of northwestern Washington. Mr. Clutch is a locally owned repair shop that offers general automotive repairs along with experienced technicians who are specially trained to handle your clutch and transmission problems, as well. We offer full-service inspections, which includes checking your vehicle’s fluid levels, a thorough inspection of the vehicle for leaks, alignment problems, emissions and more.

Mr. Clutch offers services, including transmission/clutch repair, engine repair, tune-up service and more. We also offer additional services including, lube service, complete overhauls, computer diagnostics technology and vibration analysis. Whatever your vehicle’s transmission needs are — Mr. Clutch can help.

Knowledgeable Experts

Mr. Clutch employs trained technicians that have received the highest ASE certification. Our experienced technicians are regularly updated how to repair transmission problems in even, the newest vehicles. Each technician offers years of experience in working with older model vehicles, as well. Our mechanics specialize in repairing transmission problems in domestic, Asian and European models.

First-Rate Service

If you choose our qualified team and our fully equipped transmission service shop to do your repairs — you can feel confident in knowing that you’ve made the right choice. As soon as you enter our doors, you’ll be convinced that you will be able to trust us with your vehicle’s transmission problems. Our skilled technicians are fully equipped to handle all transmission problems. It’s also comforting to know that our friendly and professional staff will be more than happy to assist you in getting the repairs you need, fast.

Convenient Locations

Choose any one of our three locations in the Seattle/Puget Sound area including, Burien, Bellevue and Kent, WA. Our convenient locations are easily accessible, and offer fast, friendly service whether your vehicle is suffering from general automotive, clutch or transmission problems. Regardless of where you live in the Seattle area, you are guaranteed to be close to one of our automotive, clutch and transmission repair shops.

Honest Reputation

Mr. Clutch has upheld its reputable name throughout its many years of service to the Seattle, WA area. The skilled technicians at Mr. Clutch have earned their impressive (and honest) reputation by servicing vehicle transmissions, brakes, air conditioning equipment and more, for rock, bottom prices. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource to consumers who would like to know more about a business, before taking (in this case), their transmission problems to a particular repair shop.

Mr. Clutch would like to service your vehicle and, as a thank you — we’ll offer our honest professional service, affordable prices (with a free estimate) and outstanding customer service that will have you recommending our superior automotive services to your family, friends and associates for years to come!

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