Getting Your Clutch Repaired in Renton, WA

The clutch controls slippage between the transmission and the engine in your car, when your clutch goes out or starts acting up (e.g. – making grinding noises accompanied by a burning smell) — you’ll need to get it repaired.

Keep reading to learn about clutch repair in Renton.

The clutch is responsible for two things:

*Making smooth gear changes and

*Stopping the car without killing the engine

Typically, manual transmissions are considered more reliable than an automatic transmission and will normally exceed 100,000 miles without a problem. However, the clutch is the weak link in the drive-train because it takes every bit of wear and abuse. Every shift causes the clutch to engage and disengage. Therefore, stop-and-go traffic can be especially wearing on a clutch because the driver is constantly using the clutch pedal. After years of this cycle and the wear and tear that is involved, the clutch will eventually wear out. This can cause slipping, chatter or a lot of noise, which results in needing clutch repair in Renton.

The most frequent problem with clutches is when the friction on the disc wears down. The material that causes friction on a clutch disc is comparable to the friction material on the shoes of a drum brake or on brake pads — after some time, the friction wears out. When the majority of the friction goes away, the clutch begins to slip, which leads to a loss of power extending from the engine to the wheels.

Other problems that warrant clutch repair in Renton include slipping; disengagement problems resulting in chattering, grabbing or jerking (due to faulty hydraulic linkage); oil contamination (from transmission or engine oil leakage); a rumbling noise from faulty pilot bearing.

Additional clutch repair in Renton may be due to oil grease on the lining; burned or glazed linings; loose clutch cover; broken or bent drive straps on the clutch; missing flywheel dowel pins; a grooved or warped flywheel; a damaged or worn input shaft splines or clutch disc; release bearing or bushing; and problems with the clutch cable or fork. External problems with the clutch may involve a bent or worn release fork; problems with the spring U-bolt nuts, loose rear left spring bushings; broken or loose transmission or engine mounts; chassis and drive-train misalignment; damaged or worn out CV or U-joints; or a loose transmission cross-member.

Some of the problems that require clutch repair in Renton can be expensive, but you can save money by calling around to find the best price for clutch repair in the Renton area.

While it may be tempting to fix the problem yourself, in an effort to save on labor costs — this can be a big mistake, which can lead to costing you considerably more than the cost to pay a shop for clutch repair in Renton. Therefore, any type of clutch repair in Renton should be done by a certified professional to ensure the repairs will last and they are properly done. By finding a licensed mechanic to repair your clutch Renton — you will extend the life of your vehicle, as well.

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