What is the Average Price of a Clutch?

The average price of a clutch itself can be anywhere from in the couple hundred dollar range to well over one thousand dollars depending on factors such as car type and engine size but the replacement of a clutch can really be expensive where purchasing labor is concerned. For many clutch jobs it can take a good eight hours of labor in order to find, take out, and replace a clutch. Many shops charge an average of one hundred dollars an hour for labor of this kind and this is what makes clutch repair so expensive in most cases but there are a few things that you can do in order to lower this cost including doing the labor yourself. Though many may not want to take on the task of this labor intensive clutch repair job, it can save you many hundreds of dollars in labor costs if you have the right tools and knowledge. In addition to this the cost of the clutch itself can be lowered through shopping around for a good deal in your spare time. Whether you do the job yourself or go to a local repair shop, shopping around for parts yourself can save you loads on repairs.  

In terms of going to a repair shop in order to fix problems you may have with your clutch it is important to research any shop you may be thinking about going to. In regards to this the cheapest shop in terms of price may not always be the best and getting poor service can land you right back into a repair shop after a job has been done. You should also make sure that the service that you receive is up to par and includes everything that is necessary to ensure your clutch problem is resolved. Some things that should be included in the service of any repair shop when it comes to fixing a clutch are: ensuring that the various parts of the new clutch to be put in are inspected, and that the clutch disc is replaced. You should also watch out for the shops that do not replace worn pressure plates or the flywheel if needed. In addition to this the throw out bearing should also be replaced and the transmission and transmission fluid should be checked for leaks. If you do not get all of these components with your service then you may want to seek another repair shop to go to.

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