What is the Average Cost to Repair a Clutch?

When it comes to repairing a clutch it may important to you to know what the average cost for labor is as well as what problems may be related to why your clutch is not working properly. This article seeks to inform the general public of the common problems associated with a clutch in order to help consumers to get the best price for the labor and part costs.  

The average cost of a clutch repair or replacement usually depends on what type of car is being worked on as well as what type of engine is in the car. It can also depend on the type of clutch to be installed as hydraulic clutches can cost as much as $1000 more to replace than other types. Cars with front wheel drive can also be more expensive to repair than other cars so when you are addressing a mechanic about your clutch problems you may want to keep this in mind. Though a replacement for this part can be expensive it is necessary for the functioning of your car. In addition to this there are ways to bring down the cost of clutch repair including comparing various price quotes from different repair shops in your area.  

The other option that you can take when it comes to repairing a clutch is to do the labor yourself. In terms of saving on the cost of labor this is seen by many as the best way to go about this but as many people may not have the expertise or tools to engage in this job, shopping around for the best service and prices is a good option to save money. In addition to shopping around for a good price in terms of labor you may also want to buy the part on your own. This can save you the high cost of allowing a repair shop to order the part and replace it on the same bill. Many times you can find the parts you need for substantially cheaper than a shop would charge you using this method.  

In terms of problems associated with a clutch there can be many to speak of and depending on what problem you may be having your clutch may not need to be replaced completely as some individual parts of the clutch can be replaced. One of the most common issues in clutch malfunctioning is when the clutch slips which can cause your vehicle’s acceleration to decrease. Slipping happens in the clutch on a normal basis in order to keep the car from lurching when it is accelerating. The clutch can also slip with the changing of gears in order to make it easier on the shocks of a car. When you are driving a manual transmission car and the pedal that controls the clutch and gear shifting is not holding firm this is when the slipping becomes a problem that needs to be addressed. In addition to slippage a clutch can have many other signals that there is a problem including certain noises such as chattering or squeaking. It is important to realize that when these noises occur it could mean a variety of things, all of which may not be severe enough to require that the clutch be replaced. In regards to this getting a few professional opinions on the status of your clutch could save you a lot of money in the long run. In addition to this, ensuring that the mechanic that you go to is certified is a good practice in order to get a quality opinion and quality service if you need it. The ASE blue seal certified mechanics are often seen as the most qualified for the job so you may want to also keep this in mind when you visit your next mechanic.

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