What does a Clutch Cost?

A clutch is a very necessary device that functions to control the gear shifting of your car whether it has an automatic or manual transmission. Replacing this part of your car can cost a lot depending on a few factors such as the model of your car, what type of engine your car has, , where your clutch is, and what type of clutch your car has. There are many different problems that can arise with a clutch as well, some of which are more expensive to repair than others. If you are a person that is in need of clutch repairs then it may be important for you to know what the cost of your particular clutch may be in order to ensure you get an accurate pricing of how much this part may be to replace in your car. In regards to this the average price of a clutch can range anywhere from $200 to $1500 depending on if you buy it new or used and what type it is but much of the cost of replacing a clutch in a vehicle comes from what the mechanic charges for labor. The part of your car known as the clutch can be a very expensive part to replace when it comes to labor cost often exceeding $800 for many vehicles. The reason for this is that it often takes a long time to separate the parts necessary to get to the clutch and replace or repair it. This is why if you want to save on repairs you can either shop around or do the labor yourself.  

In addition to shopping around for lower labor prices you can also compare the prices of different companies that sell clutches for your car. Though many of the prices for a new clutch for any vehicle may be standard there is often some variation of price depending on where you look. In addition to this you can always buy a used clutch for a cheaper price than a brand new one but this can be a choice that only serves as a more temporary fix to your clutch problem as many of the problems that are associated with the clutch have to do with wear and tear. One common issue that occurs with a clutch is slipping. Slipping can cause a clutch to be useless after a while if you allow this to continue with your car. In regards to this a certain amount of slipping is normal for a car but when it effects your acceleration and whether you can switch gears effectively then this is when it may be time to look for a repair shop to give you a diagnosis on what the problem might be. Slipping in the clutch is mostly noticeable when the engine of the car is going along at a low speed but that the gear is too high for. This can be noted to happen when you are pulling a trailer on your vehicle or when you are driving uphill.  

Another common cause for concern when it comes to the clutch is what is known as clutch chatter. This can happen for a variety of reasons including because of a loose clutch cover or missing dowel pins for your flywheel. In cases of chatter that are external worn CV joints or a loose cross member for your transmission may be the problem. Worn bearing retainers could also be a problem in the case of hearing chattering in your clutch. In any case going to see a mechanic as soon as these events happen can help you and your passengers to remain safe in your vehicles.

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