Time to Repair the Clutch in Your Ford?

Ford: The name is synonymous with All-American, heavy duty and reliable. However, driving on rough terrain, driving rough or impulsively and up racking the mileage can cause wear on tear on your Ford, especially in terms of manual Fords in relation to the clutch. Therefore, sometimes you need Ford clutch repair car or truck. In the following information, let’s talk about how to troubleshoot your Ford car or truck, so you can diagnose the problem prior to taking it in for Ford clutch repair.

A Ford clutch is made up of five different components including the pressure plate, flywheel, throwout bearing, a friction disc and the clutch linkage. The clutch is located between the pressure plate and the flywheel. The pressure plate has springs that keep the clutch against the flywheel, to keep it from slipping.

Troubleshooting: Do I Need Ford Clutch Repair?

You may be able to solve what’s wrong with your Ford clutch, just by sitting your vehicle and listening/making observations. Here is how to tell if the friction material is worn on your Ford clutch and whether your clutch needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. Start the Engine.

2. Push the pedal to the floor, slowly lift the pedal and pay attention to where the pedal is at the point when the clutch starts to grab. If the clutch doesn’t grab until the pedal is all the way out, then the friction material is worn and needs to be quickly replaced. If this doesn’t get taken care of, it could affect the flywheel (and also the clutch), which actually doubles the price more than you would have originally paid for replacing the friction material.

Knowing about Ford clutch repair involves, first knowing about how your Ford clutch works. Here is a simple explanation of the Ford clutch process:

The manual clutch in a Ford uses either a series of rods or a cable to engage the clutch. This type of manual vehicle doesn’t contain a hydraulic slave cylinder in the clutch. Instead, the Ford clutch uses hydraulic style activation, allows less pressure on the clutch pedal.

Ford clutch repair: Do-it-Yourself Project or Not?

Trying to tackle Ford clutch repair by yourself, especially if you don’t have the proper training is not usually a good idea. It could even be very dangerous to do the Ford clutch repair, yourself due to the high-pressure springs and other components that can cause injury. Therefore, it’s always best to take your manual Ford to a professional for repairs or replacement of the clutch.

While it may seem like a smart idea to do the Ford clutch repair by yourself, if something isn’t aligned right or improperly installed, it could mean that you’ll have to take the Ford to a shop or garage to be repaired or for a total replacement. Therefore, it could wind up costing you a lot more! Save yourself, the time and hard-earned money for clutch repair, and you’ll be happy you did (and your Ford will be happy, too).



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