Things to Look for in a Transmission Repair Shop

If you won’t settle for second best, especially in terms of your car — then, you’ll need to know what to look for in a transmission repair shop. We’ve listed a few tips to ensure you’ll have a good experience the next time you go for transmission repair.

Finding the right transmission repair shop ensures that your transmission will continue running smoothly for years to come. If you want to cut back on visits to the transmission repair shop then, it’s important to find a transmission repair shop that you can trust.

  • Look for quality as opposed to trying to find the best price. While, finding a good price is nice (as mentioned, below) — the cheapest price for transmission repair isn’t always the best deal for the money. Here’s why: in order to perform the work on your vehicle, an auto repair shop needs to buy parts. The parts for your transmission or clutch at a transmission repair shop should be sturdy, brand name parts because they are well made. If the parts are used, aftermarket parts, or otherwise cheaper quality parts, they cost less to the repair shop, but they can wind up costing you, more. Additionally, the transmission repair shop also needs to hire workers and the workers need to be paid well, in order to ensure the long life of the vehicle — if the workers aren’t being paid well, they may not perform their best work on your vehicle.
  • Shop around for a transmission repair shop with affordable, but honest pricing. How do you do this? You can get an online quote for an estimated price of the repairs –this can give you an idea of what the repairs should cost. Keep in mind though, that in order to do get an online transmission repair quote, you have to know exactly what is wrong with your transmission. Another feasible method of finding affordable prices for transmission repair is by visiting several local repair shops to compare their prices. Most transmission repair shops will offer customers a free quote, so it’s a good idea to use this free service to your advantage. As far as, finding an honest transmission repair shop — look at the estimates you’ve collected and compare the total price. If one or two quotes are considerably higher than your online quote and the other estimates you’ve received — you can probably throw those out. Sky-high pricing is a clear, cut way to tell if a transmission repair shop will take advantage of you.
  • Search for an auto repair shop that is within a ten to 15 mile radius from your home. This is at the bottom of the list for a reason. While, it’s important to get a transmission repair shop by your house — it’s more important to put your car, truck, SUV, or recreational vehicle in good hands (to ensure the long life of your vehicle). In addition, search for transmission repair shops that have been in business for several years, especially if they have a good reputation in your local area — they probably know what they’re doing.

Follow these tips when you need to take your manual vehicle in for transmission repair. If you keep this advice in mind, when you are shopping for a transmission repair shop — you’ll be sure to get transmission repair that is affordable, long lasting, convenient and trustworthy.





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