Steps to Fixing a Slipping Clutch

As a clutch is a majorly important part to your car, fixing a clutch is a necessary thing that you may need to go through as it ages. You can fix your malfunctioning clutch in a couple of ways including going to a professional and doing the repair work yourself, but as going to a professional can be a much bigger expense than if you do fix it yourself many choose the latter. The process of fixing a clutch can be very complicated especially if you do not know what you are doing or what the problem may be. With that being said, the first step in the process of fixing your own clutch would be to identify exactly what the problem is with your clutch. There are many different symptoms of a malfunctioning clutch including when the clutch slips, chatters, squeaks or when the clutch pedal sticks and many of these symptoms are simply caused by the wearing of your clutch. In addition to this it is important to realize that in the most extreme cases you may have to purchase and replace a completely new clutch in order to get your car running properly again. As this can be a very expensive part to buy depending on the vehicle let’s hope this isn’t the case for you.

Replacing a clutch is very time consuming and labor intensive because when you attempt this process the transaxle has to be disengaged from the engine as a first step. This is why it is important to ensure that a problem is presenting itself with your clutch that needs repair before pursuing the task. When it comes to a clutch on a high mileage car then you may want to go ahead and replace the entire clutch through using the manual for your car to identify the parts you need to remove. If you do not have the manual it can be purchased at many auto parts stores or online. There are also entire clutch assembling kits that you can purchase in order to fix your clutch. These kits include the necessary parts to a clutch that you will assemble yourself. If you have a newer model car then clutch repair may be as simple as replacing some of the individual parts of the clutch such as replacing the disc. When you do replace any part of the clutch it is always necessary to ensure that you get quality parts so that the problems do not happen again.

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