How to Repair the Clutch on a Toyota Corolla

Toyota CorollaIf you are having problems with the clutch on your Toyota Corolla, it might be time to repair or replace the clutch. Buying a completely new clutch can be quite expensive, so you’ll definitely want to try repairing first. If you’re confident getting the job done yourself, you can purchase a repair kit online. The repair kit you buy should be made specifically for the Toyota Corolla, and you will need to check the vehicle year, sub model if applicable, the number of teeth and the clutch’s outer, inner, and spline inner diameter to make sure the kit will be compatible with your clutch. If you aren’t up to this serious challenge, finding a good, local mechanic is a wise idea.

In order for a proper repair of the clutch to be able to take place, you’ll need to first determine what is wrong with the clutch. Fixing a slipped clutch, for example, will generally be a lot easier and will require much different steps than those required when completing a more serious clutch problem. You can  have your clutch’s issue correctly diagnosed by taking your vehicle to a qualified mechanic.

If you do end up having to replace the clutch, it’s usually best, especially with the Toyota Corolla, not to use rebuilt clutch parts. These have a history of failing fast. Instead, choose a reputable clutch brand like Daiken, Exedy, Aem, Center Force, Rhino, Sachs, or Luke, to name a few, that is compatible with your specific vehicle.



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