How to Know When It’s Time for a Subaru Clutch Replacement

The Subaru is a wonderful car but, like all cars that rely on a clutch, the clutch can go bad from time to time. If you ignore the problem or don’t notice it, this could lead into even more costly repairs and could possibly even render your vehicle irreparable. If you are observant, however, and catch on to clutch issues soon after they start, you can usually get them replaced and/or fixed with no problem at all. The key is simply to pay attention to your car and to look out for the major signs of clutch failure.

One of the most common and recognizable symptoms of a failing clutch is clutch slippage. You can feel this happen when you don’t shift into gear as easily as you should or when the gearstick moves but the car doesn’t act accordingly. If you’re unsure of what’s happening with your clutch, you can always take a look at the tachometer gauge. Rapid, uncontrolled movements of the gauge are generally a good indication that something is amiss and that you need to have your clutch looked at as soon as possible.

Generally, any changes that you notice in how your Subaru drives are not a good thing. Whenever you feel any kind of change or difference in your car, that’s when you need to find out what is causing it. Changes don’t just happen with a vehicle for no reason at all. A clutch that is going bad will often result in jerky car movements, difficulty moving the clutch or, conversely, a clutch that moves too easily, or a clutch that feels like it’s jumping or shaking in your hands. Sometimes, what your vehicle and its clutch are doing could actually be normal, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Your engine can also be a dead giveaway to issues with your clutch. When driving, keep an ear out for your engine. If it revs suddenly during shifting or makes a kind of sputtering noise, then it’s probably time to go for a new clutch. And, if you’re more technically inclined, you can always take a look at the inner workings of your vehicle. A worn clutch and/or a flywheel are dead giveaways to a clutch that is on its last legs. Also, some drivers report smelling a burning type scent as a result of the clutch going bad.

When in doubt, remember that visiting a skilled mechanic, preferably one who has worked with Subarus in the past, is always recommended. A mechanic is the only person who can diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle and help you take the steps to fix it. The good news is that, if your clutch does end up needing to be replaced, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just do some shopping around to find the best price and, if you’re handy with cars, you may be able to buy the parts and do the job yourself to save even more money.

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