How to Know It’s Time for a Jeep Transmission Repair

Has your Jeep been acting up? If so, you may be fearful that there is a problem with your transmission. Changes in your vehicle usually do indicate that something is amiss, but don’t jump to any conclusions. The only person who can diagnose the problem with your Jeep is a reputable auto mechanic. With that said, however, you can keep your eyes and ears peeled for the top warning signs that your Jeep’s transmission is on its way out. If you do happen to notice any of the signs discussed here, you’ll want to get to a mechanic as soon as possible. Transmission problems are not something to fool around with; generally, the longer you wait to get them checked out, the more severe and costly to repair they become.

One giveaway of a faulty transmission is unexplained leakage. Unfortunately, when it’s your transmission that’s leaking, this often goes unnoticed due to the fact that the leakage usually pools underneath the car where you don’t see it. If you have a feeling that something is awry with your transmission, don’t be afraid to crawl under your car and look for wetness, pools of liquid, or drips. Leaked transmission fluid is a big indicator that something is wrong. This fluid generally has a pink to orange color but, in the case of a damaged transmission, can take on a burnt appearance, turning the color much darker. If you’re unable to tell whether or not the leak is coming from the transmission and if it’s actually transmission fluid that you’re seeing, you should still visit a mechanic. Whether that puddle you see is actually transmission fluid or not matters little; any kind of leakage indicates a problem with your vehicle and renders a visit to the auto mechanic in order.

If you’re experiencing bumpy rides with your Jeep, you could have a transmission problem on your hands. Unexplained jerking, stopping, or jumping of the vehicle is usually caused by your transmission slipping while trying to go from ne gear to another. This is one of the most common signs of transmission failure and one of the most noticeable, so if you experience this, you can be almost certain that it’s a transmission problem you’re facing. Another dead giveaway is a long pause when going from one gear to another. Shifting gears should be smooth and instant, but if it’s taking your transmission a while to get from one gear to the other, this is indicative of a problem. Some people continue driving their Jeeps even when this issue crops up, but this is a big mistake, one that can lead to further damage of your vehicle.

When you notice any of these signs, the first thing to do is to stop driving your vehicle regularly. Any driving you do will only serve to make matters worse. Limit driving or don’t drive at all until you can get to a mechanic and nip the problem in the bud.

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