How to Find a Mechanic in Burien that you can Trust

Burien, WA has many fine mechanics who can work on your automobile or truck. You can visit the sponsored listings of the Burien area Better Business Bureau ( western-washington). They actually list many such businesses in the category of Burien Auto Repair & Service. Of course you need much more than a list in order to select your mechanic.

You will want to find their website link and explore it. Take note about the professional endorsements, certifications and other listings. If they are not showing certifications from various manufacturers, then they might not be authorized to do warranty work or complete insurance claim repairs. It is your responsibility to make certain that a chosen facility will be accepted for warranty work or you may find yourself holding the bill. The same applies to insurance repairs. Whether you are the owner of the policy about to pay for an accident you caused, or if you are the injured party, please be certain to make sure that the mechanic or body shop will be able to complete the job for the amount of money that the insurance company offers. Take note that your insurer cannot dictate what mechanic or auto body shop you elect to use. But, you must agree to a repair professional.

Now – how do you use this information? Well, one way is to contact a repair shop and ask for references. Then – CALL THEM! Ask the pertinent questions. Did this shop do quality work? Did they give a written estimate before the work? Are their certifications posted on their walls? Are they friendly? Do they explain things well? Did they give advice about future maintenance?

Don’t stop there. Call additional references and ask them the same questions. Google the business name. Look for testimonials. Also – look on their walls yourself for awards, certifications and the like. Be sure to note if they have sponsored local Little  League and flag football teams. Do they proudly display the trophies? All of this speaks to their pride in the community which can again translate to pride in their service.

You will also want to inquire about after hours pick up and drop off. Is there an opportunity to leave your parked car and place the keys in a drop box? Doing so the night before your appointment can save time when you must be at work. Also ask if they have a “driver delivery service” that can take you to work and pick you up to retrieve your car. These services are not fluff, but rather very important to the car owner who must arrange for repairs. They set the shop off as being of high quality.

Finding a mechanic in Burien is really like finding one anywhere in the country. Ask around about their service. Investigate by phone or on the internet. Make a visit to the business. AIM to be pleased with an auto mechanic in Burien that you can trust!

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