How Much Does Clutch Repair Cost?

If you are getting the clutch in your vehicle repaired or replaced — it helps to have an understanding of the actual clutch repair cost. In the following information, we will discuss the typical costs associated with clutch repair/replacement and explain what is involved in the clutch repair cost, as well.

Standard Clutch Repair Cost

While there is no set standard for pricing (the clutch repair cost depends on the type of clutch you are replacing, the repairs that need to be done, where you take your vehicle and the general labor costs), we can provide you with a rough estimate of the clutch repair cost.

The average cost to repair a clutch normally costs anywhere from $500 to $2,500. Here are a few examples of the cost to repair the clutch for specific makes and models:

  • Toyota Camry clutch cost is between $600 – $900 and depends on what parts need to be replaced and whether the car has a v6 engine or a 4 cylinder and some models come with 4×4.
  • Ford Ranger clutch repair cost is between $550 – $800 and depends on what parts need to be replaced and whether the car has a v6 engine or a 4 cylinder and some models come with 4×4.
  • Honda civic clutch cost is $499 – $800 and depends on what parts need to be replaced and what type of 4 cylinder engine.
  • BMW 330i clutch repair costs is approximately $1,100.

Vehicles that are front wheel drive typically cost considerably more than other vehicles because these clutches are labor intensive and more complicated to repair. In fact, it may surprise you to know that some cars that more affordable to buy may be quite expensive, if the clutch breaks down.

What’s Included in the Clutch Repair Cost?

Several services should be included in the cost to repair the clutch in any vehicle. It’s important to make sure you are getting the services you will be paying for — so, review the following list prior to getting your vehicle’s clutch repaired.

  • The clutch disc, flywheel, pilot bearing, pressure plate and throw out bearing should be inspected.
  • Replace the clutch disc. The material on this part is often, the first part of the clutch that needs to be replaced.
  • If the pressure plates are worn, they should be replaced.
  • The flywheel needs to be either replaced or resurfaced. If the flywheel is not properly repaired, it could result in vibrations when the clutch is engaged.
  • The throw out bearing should be replaced, if needed.
  • The clutch repair shop should check for fluid from the transmission or the engine, and fix any leaks that can cause damage to the clutch mechanism.

Extra Clutch Repair Cost

  • The repair cost could be $300 to $1,000 higher if your vehicle uses a hydraulic clutch system that contains master cylinders and a slave.

Discount: If you are an AAA member, you may receive a discount at some clutch repair shops.

Tips to Shopping for a Clutch Repair Shop

  • It’s a smart idea to search for a mechanic before you actually need their services. If you do your research and find a mechanic before your vehicle needs servicing — you won’t be stuck with the first one you can find, in a time of need.
  • Search for clutch repair technicians that have been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
  • Look for repair shops that have been ASE certified (Blue Seal).

When it comes to your vehicle, it helps to be prepared, especially in terms of shopping for a clutch repair mechanic/shop and a comprehension of the possible clutch repair cost.

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