Getting an Estimate for Clutch Repair

The most valuable advice when you need to get your vehicle’s clutch repaired: get an estimate before you authorize any work on your vehicle.

Washington law states that everyone is entitled to receive an estimate of the repair costs, up front. A clutch repair estimate takes the surprise out of the repair costs (and eliminates “extra” repairs that may be slipped in without your knowledge — that you don’t really need).

Get a Written Clutch Repair Estimate

Be sure to get your clutch repair estimate in writing with a signature– this cannot be stressed enough. A verbal estimate could result in quite a shock when you receive the final bill. However, with a written estimate — what you see is exactly what you get (meaning NO hidden charges or rip-offs).

Clutch Repair Estimate: Adjustments

A clutch repair estimate is based on information supplied by the customer, only and sometimes the mechanic may encounter unforeseen circumstances. In addition, older vehicles or those with high mileage can often require additional labor and/or parts, in order to get the repairs done right, therefore estimates sometimes need to be adjusted.

It’s important to avoid auto repair scams, therefore, we’ve made a list of things to keep in mind before and after you take your car in for repairs.

Helpful Tips:

  • To ensure you are taking your vehicle to a reputable clutch repair shop — you should first, contact the Better Business Bureau to ask for information about the shop, prior to taking your vehicle for repairs.
  • When you receive your clutch repair estimate — check to make sure the estimate lists the necessary repairs, the parts and all labor costs. Retain a copy of the clutch repair estimate, just in case there is a dispute over the charges, the work that was done to your vehicle…or both.
  • Ask how the clutch repair shop charges for labor. Some shops charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate. Also, be sure your estimate states the method that will be used to calculate the labor costs.
  • Important: The estimate should include a statement that states that you will be notified and your approval will be required before any repairs (including any additional costs for parts, labor and service) are made that weren’t listed on the original estimate.
  • When the shop has finished the repairs and you return to pick up your vehicle, it’s important to make sure you receive a copy of the invoice that lists, in detail, all of the repairs that have been done to your vehicle. This invoice needs to include all repairs that were completed, the parts that were used and their cost, the labor for the repairs, and your vehicle’s odometer reading, at the time of drop-off and pick-up.
  • If possible, get a free estimate — free is always better.

There are several things you can do to protect yourself, your vehicle and your investment when your vehicle’s clutch needs to be repaired — getting a written clutch repair estimate is absolutely, one of the most important.

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