Free Estimate to Replace Car Clutch

To most people, their vehicle means freedom. A car has the power and the ability to take them anywhere they want to go. Most people depend on their car to do the important things like, get them to work, take their children to school, and run errands (not to mention the fun things like, helping their social life, shopping, and travel)…unless their car breaks down. When that happens, they will have to come to terms with the unexpected cost associated with repairing their vehicle.

If the problem is in the clutch, you will need to take it to a clutch repair shop. But first, you will need to get a clutch replace estimate to give you an idea of the costs to repair or replace your car’s clutch. Getting a clutch replace estimate prior to having the work done can help to minimize stress and save money, as well. In the following information, we will give you the information you need to get a clutch replace estimate.

  • Look for a clutch replacement center that offers free estimates. Ask the technician/mechanic for a list of what the vehicle needs, in order to get it running smoothly again. When you know whether the clutch needs to be replaced or simply repaired, you can use this information to compare the estimate with the prices from other shops, in order to get the cheapest price, possible.
  • Locate at least three other clutch repair shops to compare the costs to the original estimate. If the price of each estimate is about the same, then you can bet that the clutch replace estimate you have gotten are probably in the right ballpark. However, if the estimates vary considerably, it might be worth it to try to get a clutch replace estimate from a few other places.
  • Get a summarized listing/estimate of the service costs. The list you receive should provide details about any replacement parts, labor, flat fees, additional items and a comprehensive summary of the charges. Sometimes labor costs are calculated by multiplying the amount of service hours it takes to repair the vehicle by the technician’s hourly rate. However, some clutch repair shops charge a flat rate for labor. This summarized list will provide you with that information, as well as, other information that is pertinent to the total costs for repairs.
  • Get the final clutch replace estimate in writing. The estimate is not a guarantee of the charges because of unforeseen issues that may arise, however, the final expense should be approximately the same amount. If the final bill is considerably higher than the estimated amount, you can speak with the shop manager, in the hopes of coming to a satisfactory agreement.

While getting an affordable price is an important part of selecting a shop to repair your vehicle, there is another factor that is even more important. The most important factor in choose a clutch repair shop is finding a repair center that you feel confident with because of the careful and honest manner in which they handled your clutch replace estimate.


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