Cost to Replace a Clutch in Your Car

You’re driving along, on your way to work when you notice the clutch is making strange noises or begins acting funny. While it may be expensive to replace, you have no other option, but to replace it…and the dreaded part: pay for the repairs or replacement.

When the clutch goes out on your vehicle, the first question most people ask is: “What’s this going to cost me?”

In the following information, we will address that question and provide you with the answers you need.

The actual clutch replace cost is dependent on several factors including labor cost and the extent of the repairs (e.g. – if only one component needs to be replaced or all four components should be replaced).

Here is a run-down of the cost for parts, only:


Make/Model Estimated Clutch Replace Cost

Chevrolet Impala             $145 to $370

Chevrolet Malibu             $14 to $134

Chevy Silverado              $100 to $604

Dodge Ram 1500           $178 to $222

Ford Escape                  $192 to $346

Ford F150                    $121 to $301

Ford Focus                    $180 to $329

Ford Fusion                   $32 to $318

Honda Accord                $35 to $485

Honda Civic                   $46 to $359

Honda CRV                   $72 to $586

Hyundai Sonata               $35 to $185

Nissan Altima                 $42 to $317

Toyota Camry                 $36 to $431

Toyota Corolla                $75 to $250

Note: The prices listed here are for clutch replace cost ONLY and are subject to change every year.

Keep in mind, other additional costs factor into the final price including, labor, taxes, and lubrication cost.

As you may have guessed by scanning the list above, one of the biggest factors of clutch replace cost is the vehicle’s make and model. In addition, the vehicle’s make also determines the length of time that the clutch will last, as well. Well-made and cars that are more complex will have a longer clutch life, therefore, the clutch will be more expensive in these well-engineered cars.

The vehicle’s manual should contain instructions about the length of time or the number of miles you can drive before the clutch (and other related parts) will need to be replaced. However, transmission problems can sometimes result in having to replace the clutch before it’s due (according to the manual).

Another factor that can affect the life of your clutch is the where and how you drive. Impulsive driving, driving through heavily trafficked areas and city driving can dramatically decrease the life of a clutch. However, the best way to preserve the clutch is by driving smooth and particularly, driving in normal conditions (less traffic).

Unless you have knowledge about how to replace, a clutch and you have the time to mess with it, it’s important to find a certified clutch repair shop that will do the job right. Even if you choose the cheapest repair option you can find, it can still end up costing you more in the long run, if it’s not done right. However, it’s also important to remember that just because you are paying a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean you will get better service. Therefore, it’s important to ask around to find a reputable shop in the area where you live.

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