Timing Belt

Water Pumps: To Replace, Or Not To Replace? That Is The Question!

At Mr. Clutch, we are always asked the question, “Should you change your water pump when you are replacing your timing belt?” The answer is, “It depends.”

Replacing a water pump depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. It also depends on how many miles are on the car.

There are other factors, too.

Is the water … more

How Much Do Timing Belt Repairs Cost?

Every vehicle relies on either a timing belt or a timing chain to control the valves of its engine, and every vehicle will need to have its timing belt or chain replaced at one point or another. How often your vehicle’s timing belt will need to be replaced is dependent upon several factors, such as the amount of … more

Do You Have a Timing Belt Problem?

When it comes to the timing belt, every vehicle is different. In fact, some vehicles don’t even have timing belts; they have timing chains. Timing chains tend to be stronger and more durable than timing belts and thus need replacing less frequently, though both types will eventually need to be replaced at one point or another. While … more

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