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How Much Do Timing Belt Repairs Cost?

Every vehicle relies on either a timing belt or a timing chain to control the valves of its engine, and every vehicle will need to have its timing belt or chain replaced at one point or another. How often your vehicle’s timing belt will need to be replaced is dependent upon several factors, such as the amount of … more

Isuzu Rodeo

What Costs are Involved in a Clutch/Transmission Repair in a Isuzu Rodeo?

Everyone knows that taking a vehicle to a mechanic to fix problems that have popped up can be extremely expensive. Clutch and transmission problems are known for being particularly costly. If you own an Isuzu Rodeo with clutch issues, the best piece of advice we can give you is to get it to a professional as soon as you possibly … more

How to Get the Best Price on Repair of a Chevrolet Clutch

We all know that Chevrolet repairs can be expensive, especially when you start dealing with your automobile’s clutch and/or transmission.  However, with a little effort on your part, you don’t have to pay a fortune. It’s really just a matter of finding the right mechanic, a mechanic who will do the job well but not overcharge you.

Make sure that … more

What is the Average Cost to Repair a Clutch?

When it comes to repairing a clutch it may important to you to know what the average cost for labor is as well as what problems may be related to why your clutch is not working properly. This article seeks to inform the general public of the common problems associated with a clutch in order to help consumers to get … more

Where to find the Lowest Cost to Replace a Clutch

A clutch is a device that is essential for the motion of a car both for cars with automatic transmissions and those with manual ones. People who drive vehicles with manual transmissions can be surprised to know that a there are two clutches in this type of car and both are very important in terms of how your car functions. … more

What is the Average Price of a Clutch?

The average price of a clutch itself can be anywhere from in the couple hundred dollar range to well over one thousand dollars depending on factors such as car type and engine size but the replacement of a clutch can really be expensive where purchasing labor is concerned. For many clutch jobs it can take a good eight hours of … more

What is the Cost to Repair a Manual Transmission?

Fixing the manual transmission that your car has involves much labor intensive work that can be very time consuming for some, especially if it is their first time attempting this task. When deciding whether to attempt to fix your own manual transmission yourself it is necessary to keep in mind the amount of time that you will spend and also … more

How Much Does Clutch Repair Cost?

If you are getting the clutch in your vehicle repaired or replaced — it helps to have an understanding of the actual clutch repair cost. In the following information, we will discuss the typical costs associated with clutch repair/replacement and explain what is involved in the clutch repair cost, as well.

Standard Clutch Repair Cost

While there is no set … more

Getting an Estimate for Clutch Repair

The most valuable advice when you need to get your vehicle’s clutch repaired: get an estimate before you authorize any work on your vehicle.

Washington law states that everyone is entitled to receive an estimate of the repair costs, up front. A clutch repair estimate takes the surprise out of the repair costs (and eliminates “extra” repairs that may be … more

Get a Free Quote on Clutch Repair

Your clutch is having trouble and needs to be repaired or replaced. What is the first thing you need to do?

Get a clutch repair quote.

A quote will provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairs that your vehicle needs.

You may need to get several different quotes, but rather than taking your car to a bunch … more

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