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Which Vehicles Can Benefit from Differential Rear End Rebuild-Repair?

Do you think your car’s differential, also known as its back or rear end, may be going bad? One of the tell-tale signs of a bad differential is strange noise. While noises can be the result of many different vehicular problems, the sounds of a failing differential are usually quite obvious and distinct. If you hear a howling … more

30k 60k 90k Services: Setting Up a Maintenance Schedule with Your Mechanic

Every vehicle will need different 30k, 60k, 90k services or, in other words, services for every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles it travels. It is important to understand, of course, that these mile marks are just general guidelines. A good mechanic, such as those at Mr. Clutch, will understand that every make and model of vehicle is different and will … more

How to Save Money on Brake Service in South King County

Brake service is a necessary maintenance task for any car owner, and, if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how you can save money on brake service. The number one way is to make sure you are taking your vehicle in for brake service regularly. Your mechanic can set you up with a good brake service … more

Choosing a Brake Service Technician in Puget Sound

Are you looking for a brake service technician in the Puget Sound area? If so, you should know that there are many different professionals to choose from. You should also know, however, that not all brake technicians are of the same caliber. This is why it’s so important to do your research and to work to find the … more

Why You Should Get Your Nissan Transmission Repair at a Trusted Auto Repair Shop

Transmission problems can be one of the most costly and difficult car problems to fix. Because of this, it is imperative that you take your Nissan to a reputable auto repair shop when you are experiencing transmission troubles. Otherwise, an already costly job could cost you through the roof due to inflated charges and trumped up “problems” that an untrustworthy … more

Mazda RX-7

Why you may Need to Hire a Professional for a Clutch Repair in a Mazda RX-7?

All vehicle clutches are complex, and not just in and of themselves. You have to understand that a clutch is part of a larger system, the transmission, and then of an even larger system, your vehicle as a whole. The clutches created for Mazda RX-7s are known for being particularly tricky, and that’s why, if you own one of these … more

Where is the Best Transmission Repair Mechanic in Kent, WA?

Undoubtedly, you want to find the very best mechanic in the Kent, Washington area to fix your vehicle’s transmission. What does “best” really mean though? Some people think that “best” means cheapest, and they just choose the mechanic who offers them the lowest cost estimate. Others think that “best” means the quickest—they just want to get their transmission repaired and … more

Dodge Ram 2500

Tips for Finding a Professional to Fix your Dodge Truck Clutch

If you own a Dodge truck, such as the awesome Ram 2500, and are experiencing problems with your clutch, don’t panic. Many Dodge models are known to have occasional clutch trouble, but it is usually nothing serious and, more often than not, the problems can be repaired. Do make sure, however, that you don’t let your clutch problems go on … more

Is it Expensive to Replace a Clutch?

A clutch can malfunction for many different reasons that could cause you to need to replace it. One reason that it could be giving you problems could be the age of the running parts in your car if you have an older car or it could be that you have a car with a clutch that has low quality parts … more

How to Find a Mechanic in Burien that you can Trust

Burien, WA has many fine mechanics who can work on your automobile or truck. You can visit the sponsored listings of the Burien area Better Business Bureau ( western-washington). They actually list many such businesses in the category of Burien Auto Repair & Service. Of course you need much more than a list in order to select your mechanic.

You … more

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