Ford F150

How Long Does a Ford Clutch Usually Last?

If you’re the owner of an F-150, F-250, an F-350, or any other type of Ford, you might be wondering how long you can expect your vehicle’s clutch to last. There is, unfortunately, no easy answer to that question. How long your clutch will work will depend upon many different factors. In general, … more


Why Hire a Professional for Clutch Repair on a Ford?

Whether you own the nicest Ford with a Power Stroke engine or the most beat up old F-150 or F-250, it is likely that, if your vehicle enjoys a long life, you will have to repair or replace the clutch at some point. Ford clutches are known for going out in stages. Generally the trouble starts with some minor slippage … more

Time to Repair the Clutch in Your Ford?

Ford: The name is synonymous with All-American, heavy duty and reliable. However, driving on rough terrain, driving rough or impulsively and up racking the mileage can cause wear on tear on your Ford, especially in terms of manual Fords in relation to the clutch. Therefore, sometimes you need Ford clutch repair car or truck. In the following information, let’s talk … more

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