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What is Involved in a Clutch Replacement?

Replacing a clutch is a tricky job, one that requires a lot of car know-how and that can take hours to do correctly. If you are someone who understands cars, how they work, and how to repair and/or replace parts, then you may be able to tackle a clutch replacement job yourself. If, however, you have any doubt about your … more

Where is the Best Transmission Repair Mechanic in Kent, WA?

Undoubtedly, you want to find the very best mechanic in the Kent, Washington area to fix your vehicle’s transmission. What does “best” really mean though? Some people think that “best” means cheapest, and they just choose the mechanic who offers them the lowest cost estimate. Others think that “best” means the quickest—they just want to get their transmission repaired and … more

Is it Expensive to Replace a Clutch?

A clutch can malfunction for many different reasons that could cause you to need to replace it. One reason that it could be giving you problems could be the age of the running parts in your car if you have an older car or it could be that you have a car with a clutch that has low quality parts … more

How to Find a Mechanic in Burien that you can Trust

Burien, WA has many fine mechanics who can work on your automobile or truck. You can visit the sponsored listings of the Burien area Better Business Bureau ( western-washington). They actually list many such businesses in the category of Burien Auto Repair & Service. Of course you need much more than a list in order to select your mechanic.

You … more

Best Places to Eat in Bellevue While Waiting for Your Auto Maintenance

If you ever get stranded in Bellevue with an automobile that is in need of repairs or if you just happen to go there to get some standard maintenance done, you should know that one of the best ways to pass the time is by having some of your favorite eats at any one of the many great restaurants in … more

Best Places to Eat in Kent While Waiting for Your Car Repairs

If you should ever find yourself stuck in Kent Station, waiting for your vehicle to be repaired or serviced, there is an easy way to not feel stuck at all. In fact, by choosing to visit and dine at one of the many delicious restaurants within walking distance, you will more than likely end up wishing that your car would … more

Best Places to Eat in Burien While Waiting for Your Auto Repair

If you are planning on getting your car serviced or repaired in Burien, the good news is that you won’t be forced to sit around the shop, bored out of your mind, until your vehicle is ready for you. That is because Burien is home to some truly delicious and nearby restaurants where you can grab a bite and/or a … more

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