Clutch Replacement

GMC Pickup

Replacing a Clutch in a GMC Pickup

Whether you own a GMC pickup with a failing clutch or whether you just want to opt for a better or performance clutch for your vehicle, you probably have quite a few questions. Know that the best person to fully answer these questions is a mechanic. A good, qualified professional can help you to understand the options for your particular … more

Ford F150

How Long Does a Ford Clutch Usually Last?

If you’re the owner of an F-150, F-250, an F-350, or any other type of Ford, you might be wondering how long you can expect your vehicle’s clutch to last. There is, unfortunately, no easy answer to that question. How long your clutch will work will depend upon many different factors. In general, … more


Does it Cost More to Replace a Mazda Clutch?

The cost of replacing a clutch on a vehicle can vary widely from one car or truck to the next. In fact, average clutch replacement prices tend to run from as low as $14 to as high as $604. A lot of people think that the cost of the repair depends only upon the vehicle itself, but that’s actually not … more

Dodge Ram 2500

Tips for Finding a Professional to Fix your Dodge Truck Clutch

If you own a Dodge truck, such as the awesome Ram 2500, and are experiencing problems with your clutch, don’t panic. Many Dodge models are known to have occasional clutch trouble, but it is usually nothing serious and, more often than not, the problems can be repaired. Do make sure, however, that you don’t let your clutch problems go on … more

How do you know if your Clutch Needs to be replaced?

Getting a clutch replaced can be a big hassle when it comes to maintaining your car but it is often a very necessary thing to do as a car gets older. No car clutch will last indefinitely and though getting yours replaced may be expensive this will help to ensure that your car lasts for a while longer. A clutch … more

How to Know When Your Clutch Needs Replacement

While many people know how to drive a manual car, surprisingly, most of them don’t understand how a clutch really works. Of course, many people leave that up to the mechanic, but it helps to understand what signs to watch out for and also, how to know when you need a clutch replacement or repair.

Having your vehicle serviced regularly … more

Free Estimate to Replace Car Clutch

To most people, their vehicle means freedom. A car has the power and the ability to take them anywhere they want to go. Most people depend on their car to do the important things like, get them to work, take their children to school, and run errands (not to mention the fun things like, helping their social life, shopping, and … more

Cost to Replace a Clutch in Your Car

You’re driving along, on your way to work when you notice the clutch is making strange noises or begins acting funny. While it may be expensive to replace, you have no other option, but to replace it…and the dreaded part: pay for the repairs or replacement.

When the clutch goes out on your vehicle, the first question most people ask … more

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