Clutch Care

Chevrolet Truck

How to Care for your Chevrolet Truck’s Clutch

As a proud new or even long-time owner of a Chevrolet truck, it is likely that you have some questions about how to properly care for your truck’s clutch. Many people, especially those who have limited experience with manual vehicles, are unsure of what, exactly, they need to do to keep their clutches in tip-top shape.

Certainly, one of the … more

Toyota Camry

What is the Life of a Clutch/Transmission in a Toyota Camry?

If you have recently purchased a Toyota Camry, you might be wondering how long you can expect your clutch and/or your transmission to last, particularly if this is your first time with a manual. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to give you a definite answer to that question. The lifespan of your clutch and transmission will depend on several … more

Mazda RX-7

Why you may Need to Hire a Professional for a Clutch Repair in a Mazda RX-7?

All vehicle clutches are complex, and not just in and of themselves. You have to understand that a clutch is part of a larger system, the transmission, and then of an even larger system, your vehicle as a whole. The clutches created for Mazda RX-7s are known for being particularly tricky, and that’s why, if you own one of these … more

Dodge Truck

How to Change the Clutch in a Dodge Truck

If you own the popular Ram 2500 or some other Dodge truck, then you should know that you will likely experience clutch problems at some point. This is not a fault with Dodge models; clutches are just one part of a vehicle that tends to wear out over time. The average clutch will generally last a person around four years … more

GMC Pickup

Replacing a Clutch in a GMC Pickup

Whether you own a GMC pickup with a failing clutch or whether you just want to opt for a better or performance clutch for your vehicle, you probably have quite a few questions. Know that the best person to fully answer these questions is a mechanic. A good, qualified professional can help you to understand the options for your particular … more

Chevy Camaro

How to Know when Your Chevrolet Camaro’s Clutch is Bad

If you own a Chevrolet Camaro, it is important that you are aware of the early warning signs of a failing clutch. The sooner you notice these signs and can get your vehicle to a reputable mechanic, the better it will be for you and your car. Leaving clutch problems uncared for for too long can make repairs impossible, sometimes … more

Ford F150

How Long Does a Ford Clutch Usually Last?

If you’re the owner of an F-150, F-250, an F-350, or any other type of Ford, you might be wondering how long you can expect your vehicle’s clutch to last. There is, unfortunately, no easy answer to that question. How long your clutch will work will depend upon many different factors. In general, … more


What are the Warning Signs of a Failing Toyota Clutch?

For Toyota owners, there are often many warning signs of a failing clutch. Unfortunately, these signs are often not noticed until the problem with the clutch has progressed and will be even more expensive to fix, has caused issues with the transmission as a whole, or cannot be fixed and must be completely replaced. If you educate yourself on the warning … more


Does it Cost More to Replace a Mazda Clutch?

The cost of replacing a clutch on a vehicle can vary widely from one car or truck to the next. In fact, average clutch replacement prices tend to run from as low as $14 to as high as $604. A lot of people think that the cost of the repair depends only upon the vehicle itself, but that’s actually not … more


Benefits to Getting your Isuzu Clutch/Transmission Repaired

If the clutch on your Isuzu is giving you trouble, you will want to get it to a professional as soon as possible to have it repaired or, if necessary, replaced with a new one. Even if you are not experiencing a lot of problems now due to a less-than-perfect clutch, tiny issues can turn into big, very expensive to … more

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