Best Places to Eat in Burien While Waiting for Your Auto Repair

If you are planning on getting your car serviced or repaired in Burien, the good news is that you won’t be forced to sit around the shop, bored out of your mind, until your vehicle is ready for you. That is because Burien is home to some truly delicious and nearby restaurants where you can grab a bite and/or a drink and relax until your car is ready. Whatever your food tastes, you can satisfy them here; Burien has everything from ethnic food to kid friendly food and everything in between as well. So, browse through your choices and plan for a meal while you wait, or see how you feel when you get here. The choice is up to you.

Those who are looking for fast food, but with a fresh and friendly Italian twist, are encouraged to check out Hey Paison, located only about twelve minutes away from beautiful downtown Seattle and recently voted as one of the best eateries in the city. The menu includes delicious sandwiches like the classic Philly cheese steak, eggplant parmesan subs, and a wide variety of mouthwateringly delicious and freshly made hoagies. Restaurant patrons are also strongly encouraged to try out the yummy pasta fagioli soup that the restaurant is so famous for. The restaurant also boasts a truly delicious dessert selection, so you can get in a good meal and then satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

Hey Paison

641 SW 152nd St
Seattle, Washington 98166

(206) 631-8668

If fast food isn’t your style and you want to actually sit down in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy your food, and maybe take in a margarita or two, we can’t recommend La Costa Mexican restaurant highly enough. Not only does the restaurant have full service (and absolutely delicious) lunch and dinner menus, but the drink selection is out of this world. There is also an affordable, kid friendly menu just for the little ones. Plus, fun events for both the big and small go on regularly, so you never know just what you might find when you dine. Whatever it is, you will have a great time enjoying the food and fun only La Costa can provide.

La Costa

206 SW 152nd St
Seattle, Washington 98166

(206) 243-1797

There is also Dino’s Gyros nearby, offering authentic Greek favorites at an incredibly affordable price. You and your party can go in and enjoy beef, lamb or chicken gyros, Greek salads, falafel, cucumber sauce, hummus platters, freshly made pita bread, and any other Greek dish you could possibly want. Keep in mind, too, that most Greek dishes are perfect when you’re on the go, as you can simply hold them in your hand and eat as you stroll. This makes Dino’s a perfect spot for those who are hungry but who still want to take in the city while taking in a bite.

Dino’s Gyros

126 SW 148 St
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 838-8620
Dino’s Gyros Burien

For those who prefer a little Asian flair with their food, K’s Teriyaki is a great choice. Whether you prefer classic teriyaki dishes, served with your choice of delicious fried rice or tender soba noodles, vegetable or meat tempura, authentic Japanese sushi, or a steaming bowl of Udon, it is all available here. If you do stop in, just make sure that you try the white sauce. It is, for sure, one of the main reasons people visit this establishment, and it is so popular, you can buy it by the quart to use at home.

K’s Teriyaki

202 SW 153rd St
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 248-1383
K’s Teriyaki

Another favorite for Asian food lovers to check out is Sushi Maki. If you want to skip out on the “fake” Asian offered by most restaurants, like sesame chicken or boring beef and broccoli, and instead want to go for the real deal- delicious and fully authentic sushi rolls- this is your spot. The fish is always fresh and tasty and, believe it or not, the price won’t break the bank. Your sushi roll is guaranteed to be large enough to keep you satisfied, but at the same time, tasty enough to leave you wishing for more!

Sushi Maki

15710 1st Ave S
Burien, WA 98148

(206) 242-6400
Sushi Maki

For a classier, more sit-down approach to Asian cuisine, King Wha restaurant is probably your best bet. This iconic eatery has been a favorite of Burien visitors and residents alike since it opened back in 1975. Whether popping in for lunch or dinner, guests can choose from a wide and varied menu that contains everything from American Chinese dishes to authentic plates only the truly brave will want to try. The restaurant also has an impressive drinks menu, and the laid back, charmingly decorated atmosphere is worth a visit in itself. When you combine that with yummy food, it will be hard to get you out the door when your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

King Wha

605 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 243-0323

Those who are more interested in taking in a drink or two than they are in eating are encouraged to check out the trendy Tin Room Bar, a favorite among the locals. There is no better place in the area to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink and a cool, refreshing atmosphere at the same time. There are daily drink and happy hour specials, an extensive cocktail list, and some delectable wines. Plus, if you do get to feeling hungry, the food is better than the standard bar or pub fare, so you can dig into something delectable right from your own barstool.

Tin Room Bar

923 SW 152nd St.
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 242-8040

The best news of all is that each of these yummy restaurants is within easy walking distance of where your vehicle is being serviced or repaired. So, you won’t have to spring for a cab or take public transportation unless you really want to. Of course, there is always the chance that you will leave the eatery of your choice so full and satisfied that you won’t feel like making the trek back, so be prepared for that. Waiting around on their car is never anyone’s top choice, but if you come hungry, you won’t mind the wait at all. In fact, you might just be left wondering how long it will be before your car needs to be serviced again.

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