When to Purchase a Transmission Replacement

Your transmission could need to be replaced right now. If you want to know the warning signs that your transmission needs to be replaced, read more.

A transmission replacement can be expensive to replace on any vehicle. Many people may choose to ignore the indications that their transmission is failing by continuing to drive their vehicle, which only increases the possibility of a breakdown.

Leaking Fluid?

The easiest way to tell that your transmission needs transmission replacement is if you notice the transmission fluid leaking underneath your vehicle. The fluid typically, drips wherever you drop your car. Transmission fluid is easy to spot (even, if you have other fluid leakage under your car) because it’s red — talk about a red flag! If you do find a leak, check to see if there are bits of metal in it. If so, you desperately need to have your transmission replaced because the critical components have already started wearing down.

Low on Fluids?

Check your transmission fluids regularly, at least once per month. If your transmission fluid is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a leak. However, it could mean that the transmission is getting too hot (overheating) or burning too much transmission fluid. If you suspect that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, place a pan or container underneath the transmission fluid reservoir overnight, and check for leaking fluids in the morning. If this is the case, it’s important to have your manual transmission vehicle serviced right away, as your vehicle may need a transmission replacement.

Gears Slipping?

When a manual transmission is running smoothly, it should be seamless and smooth when it switches gears. On the other hand, if you vehicle is having serious transmission problems — the gear change will not be so effortless. The gears in your vehicle may experience slippage, the vehicle could take more time to accelerate and/or the transmission could take longer to change gears. If any of these conditions are occurring in your stick shift vehicle, it’s important to have your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle serviced, as soon as possible.

Loud Grinding Noises?

If your car is making noises such as, rumbling when shifting or grinding –these can be an indication that your transmission is in trouble and needs to be serviced, promptly. A failing transmission may make grinding, rumbling, or whining sounds. In most situations, if your transmission is making loud grinding noises — it’s typically, time to take your vehicle in for a complete transmission replacement.

The conditions listed above, are just some of the common transmission problems that may require a transmission replacement from a skilled individual by either doing it yourself (as long as you have an extensive knowledge of transmission replacement) or choosing a transmission replacement or repair shop to do the transmission replacement for you. Whichever option you choose — it’s important to get your transmission replaced right away, as soon as you notice any of these transmission warning signs. While getting your transmission repaired can be costly, it can be much more expensive if the repairs aren’t properly identified and fixed thoroughly and quickly.

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