Typical Cost for Transmission Repair

If you’ve ever wondered about the typical cost for transmission repair keep reading. In this article, we’ll answer your questions about the average cost of all things related to transmission repair cost.

Maybe you noticed trouble with your manual transmission such as, the gears slipping or loud grinding noises. You’ve come to grips with the fact that you’ll have to take it in for repairs, but now (a week after payday), you’re wondering, “What is the typical transmission repair cost?” You’ve heard astronomical figures such as, $2,900 and upwards to $3,900 — but you wonder, “Is that the average?” — Maybe especially because there’s no way you can afford that right now.

Repair or Replace?

When a mechanic notices problems with the transmission that indicate transmission failure, most will replace the entire transmission. A transmission is a very complex part of the engine in your stick shift. In some cases, it can be less expensive to replace the transmission, instead of trying to troubleshoot or repair it. Therefore, while it may seem like a major expense, at the time — the majority of transmission mechanics will opt to replace the old transmission with a new one. In many cases, this is truly the best option. The life of your vehicle will be much longer with a brand new transmission instead of one that has been repaired.


The average price can be based on a general number and then, we can discuss the variables. According to Edmunds.com, the average cost to have a new transmission replaced (at a transmission repair shop) is approximately $1,800. This total includes complete replacement of the related parts (flywheel, disc, pressure plate, etc.). That’s for a replacement — when it comes down to it, a replacement can actually be cheaper than the total cost to rebuild, which averages out to $3,000 (for a total rebuild).


Several other variables can affect the total transmission repair cost. Therefore, the final price might wind up being much cheaper or much more expensive than the base price listed above. The actual price depends on different factors including:

*Automatic vs. manual transmission (The cost is generally higher to replace an automatic transmission.)

*The model and year of your vehicle (Foreign vehicles typically, cost more for transmission repair work than domestic vehicles.)

*The extent of the damage (“in-place” repair job vs. a full replacement)

*Your location (Certain parts of the U.S. have more expensive transmission repair costs than others)

*The transmission repair shop you choose (This is a major variable, which means that: it’s so important to get multiple quotes from different repair shops.

The best advice is to get several quotes from more than one repair shop in your area. Some places will run an honest business, while others are guilty of price gouging. In many of these ways, the auto repair industry is just like any other industry. While it may be tempting to go with the transmission repair shop that gives you the cheapest quote, this may not always be the best option. If you can find out the typical cost for transmission repair or replacement for your type of vehicle and in your area, this will be a good guideline to follow when choosing a transmission shop to do the repairs.

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