Offering Transmission Repair Service for Many Makes & Models

If you have an unusual foreign or domestic vehicle, that needs transmission repair service — Chances are that you have difficulty finding a repair shop that is qualified to perform the necessary repairs. Mr. Clutch offers reliable repair service for most makes and models.

The most common cause of transmission failure is not taking your transmission to get the service it needs, on a regular basis. If you drive a rare or unusual car, from a Lamborghini to a Ferrari or from a Datson to a Fiat — you may have had an excuse, until now. Mr. Clutch offers transmission repair service for a long list of vehicles including several makes and models that typically aren’t properly serviced due to inexperience.

If you don’t see your vehicle on the list, contact Mr. Clutch today for questions regarding your vehicle’s make and model. More than likely, our technicians are fully equipped and trained to handle your vehicle’s transmission repair service needs.

Here is a list of just a few of the common vehicles that we service:
















*Volkswagen and more

Luxury vehicles have clutches that often, cost quite a bit to replace. Therefore, it’s important to find someone who is trained in transmission repair service for luxury makes and models, as well.

Our technicians are also trained to repair the following luxury car makes. Mr. Clutch provides clutch and transmission repair service to luxury cars such as,

*Alfa Romeo;

*Aston Martin;





*Land Rover;

*BMW and much more!

Mr. Clutch does it right, the first time — regardless of your vehicles make or model. Unlike the mechanics at many other automotive repair shops or even, transmission repair shops, our skilled technicians are skilled to repair transmissions, clutches and other auto-related problems in virtually, any vehicle. We offer services for a variety of makes, models and years ranging from Domestic (American-made) vehicles to Asian cars to European makes and models.

While many automotive repair shops can provide transmission service, only the technicians at a transmission repair service shop are specifically trained to spot the indication or warning signs of a possible transmission problem. Therefore, rather than taking your vehicle to a general automotive repair shop to have the transmission look at, repaired or replaced — it’s a good idea to take your vehicle to someone who has been trained and certified in handling transmission problems in your vehicle’s make and model.

The services at Mr. Clutch include:

*Repairing/Replacing/Rebuilding automatic and manual transmissions

*Foreign and Domestic Transmission Repair/Rebuild/Replace

*Repairs on most makes and models

*Installing high-performance transmissions

*Repairing/Replacing clutches and all clutch-related parts

With the trained technicians at Mr. Clutch, it should be easy to find transmission/clutch repair for your vehicle, in spite of whether you’re driving a foreign or domestic vehicle, the vehicle make and model or any other circumstances. Getting your vehicle clutch or transmission replaced by the experts is easy now, with the certified and experienced service technicians and personnel at Mr. Clutch.

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