Free Estimate for Your Auto Transmission Repair

If you want to get the best value for transmission repair, it is a good idea to get an estimate of the parts and services that your vehicle will need.

For this reason, Mr. Clutch offers a free transmission repair estimate to its customers. According to The Auto Warranty Group, the average estimate for transmission repair is about $1,900. By getting a transmission repair estimate from Mr. Clutch — you could save hundreds of dollars on your transmission repair.

What is a transmission?

In order to fully understand the concept of getting a transmission repair estimate, it helps to understand the inner workings of the transmission. A simple explanation of your vehicle’s transmission is that it is the part of the engine that enables the power of the engine to drive the vehicle’s wheels.

What does the transmission do?

Essentially, the transmission makes the vehicle move — if your vehicle did not have a transmission (or your vehicle is experiencing transmission problems), your car will not move. A transmission is a finely tuned mechanism wherein each of the components need to work together (including the gears, cables, seals, pumps, valves, gaskets and other parts), in order for the vehicle to drive and operate smoothly.

Not all estimates are created equal. While this statement may be true in terms of pricing, a free estimate is a great (cost-effective) way to determine the best value for your money. However, as mentioned above, there are certain factors that can affect the quote estimate price.

Factors that may affect your transmission repair estimate include:

Type of Vehicle

At times, the type of vehicle a person owns may affect the price of the transmission repair estimate. Some vehicles have more technological advancements and therefore, they may require diagnostic testing in order to identify the transmission problem. If this is the case, the estimate costs may be higher because of the use of the advanced technology.

Total or Partial Replacement

Your estimate amount can depend on whether your vehicle needs a total or partial replacement. For instance, if you are just replacing the cables, valves, gasket or another piece of the transmission – it can be considerably cheaper than a full/total replacement. Keep this in mind when you are shopping around for a price.

Other Contributing Factors

While, it is important to get a final estimate in writing before the repair shop gets started on any repairs (in order to protect your wallet and your investment) — there are several problems that can potentially show up while the mechanic is performing the work. These problems are typically, minor costs, but they can add up, in terms of calculating a transmission repair estimate.

Many car owners who need transmission repair for their vehicles, find that it can be helpful to compare the prices of several auto transmission repair shops in your location

Mr. Clutch provides a free transmission repair estimate to its customers, just call or visit one of our convenient locations today for details or to get a free estimate.

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