Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars

Do you drive a manual Acura, Honda, Lexus, Subaru or Toyota? If you’re wondering when to replace the clutch in your vehicle and signs to watch for, as far as, problems that call for clutch repair for Japanese cars.

Read our explanations and descriptions of what to expect/what to do when the clutch starts to fail on your Japanese or Asian vehicle.

Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars: Acura

If you smell something burning in your Acura when you drop the clutch, it could mean your Acura clutch disc has worn out and needs to be repaired. Other issues that are common with an Acura clutch include slippage when releasing the clutch or shuddering of the clutch. However, a trained clutch repair specialist will be able to help you get your Acura, up and running, like new. High-performance clutch models are available for Acura owners who appreciate souping up their engines. If you have a high-performance clutch installed in your vehicle, you’ll get higher clamping pressures and varying slip qualities.

Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars: Honda

When the time comes for you to replace your Honda’s clutch, there are several options.

  • Drivers who use their vehicle for driving to work (commuting) only, may want to choose a stock replacement clutch.
  • A high-performance Honda clutch may be the best option for those who race with their Honda. Typically, having a high-performance clutch installed in your Honda is about the same price as having a basic stock clutch installed and it’s definitely a lot more fun to drive.

Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars: Lexus

Despite the fact that many of the newer cars are automatic, manual transmission vehicles are still a popular choice. Fuel efficiency is the number one advantage to driving a manual car.  The clutch in a Lexus applies the measured engine power when the vehicle starts. This power is interrupted by the clutch in an effort to prevent the gears from crunching during the critical shifting process. The Lexus clutch offers incredible dependability that surpasses even the most reliable of all manual transmission components. The Lexus clutch has a design that’s based on friction discs (one or more), pressed tightly together or with springs attached and aligned with the flywheel connecting to the pressure plates.

Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars: Subaru

The clutch in your Subaru has a primary purpose: to smoothly engage the flywheel as it transfers torque directly to the gearbox, therefore enabling the gears. Although this is no simple task, Subaru clutches are meticulously designed to handle the job superbly. Therefore, whether you drive a Subaru Legacy or a Subaru WRX, you’ll need to ensure that your clutch is in excellent working condition. Therefore, if you start having problems with your Subaru clutch, it’s important to take it in for repairs before the problem becomes more serious (and more expensive).

Clutch Repair for Japanese Cars: Toyota

The clutch in a Toyota is composed of a clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bushing and throwing bearing — it’s essential for each of these components to be working correctly. If your Toyota stops working properly, take your manual transmission Toyota to an experienced auto repair shop that handles clutch repair.

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