Clutch Repair for American Cars

American cars, otherwise known as, Domestic vehicles are widely popular in the United States. Several makes and models have clutches that occasionally need repair including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hummer and Saturn. When the clutch goes out or needs to be repaired, it’s important to know what to expect.

In the following article, we will explain everything you need to know about clutch repair for American cars.

Clutch Repair for American Cars: Chrysler

If your Chrysler clutch starts to fail, there are several common complaints associated with this problem in Chrysler clutches such as, noise and commotion when shifting gears. These problems indicate a worn-out clutch. Other problems include problems releasing the clutch (caused by a faulty release-bearing retainer or a worn-out fork), gear slippage (caused by improper linkage adjustment, the release bearing lash is too tight, the flywheel needs to be resurfaced or worn facings), screeching or chattering (caused by facing fatigue, an oil leak or a flywheel that should be resurfaced). At times, the car can refuse to move if the clutch is dying. If any of these symptoms are occuring with your Chrysler, it’s important to have your vehicle looked at by a professional, so the problem can be diagnosed and repaired, if necessary.

Clutch Repair for American Cars: Ford

Ford clutch failure seems to happen in stages. The first stage is when the Ford clutch starts to slip whenever you’re climbing hills or accelerating. The slippage is still manageable and at this time, you may need to get your Ford repaired, just yet. The second stage is when your Ford has trouble picking up speed and major inclines become a big challenge. At this stage, your Ford will likely, require service or repair because when your Ford reaches the next stage: repair will be a necessity. The third and final stage to Ford clutch failure is when your clutch will no longer move your car.

Clutch Repair for American Cars: GM

GM clutches are designed like most other vehicles. The GM clutch operates as a friction mechanism that is made up of a pressure plate and disc. If you want to engage the clutch, you just need to press on the clutch pedal, which allows you to speed up or go slower — whatever is appropriate to the driving conditions. The linkage that extends from the pedal to the clutch can be either hydraulic or mechanical. If you are experiencing problems with your GM clutch, you will need to take your vehicle in for clutch repair. Ask your clutch repair technician to use brand name parts such as, Centerforce and Hays brand name clutches in your GM vehicle.

Clutch Repair for American Cars: Hummer

Your Hummer experiences a lot of extreme conditions, and now you’ve noticed wear and tear on your Hummer clutch. Most clutches are made to have a life span extending way past 80,000 miles, but rough driving conditions and even tougher driving habits that Hummers were built to handle can significantly shorten the time the clutch lasts in your Hummer. The three primary components of a Hummer clutch consist of the pressure plate, disc and flywheel. Common signs to watch for in Hummer clutch failure include noise and jerking – the two most common complaints in Hummers. Other problems include chattering, screeching, slipping and trouble releasing the clutch. When the Hummer refuses to move — it’s time to take it to a clutch repair technician for a replacement.

Clutch Repair for American Cars: Saturn

As soon as your Saturn clutch begins to slip — take it to the shop right away in order to maintain the engine precision in your Saturn vehicle. Saturn clutches are built to handle heavy duty operations, which keeps the clutch running longer than most. It’s important to bear in mind, the working condition of the clutch, in order to maek sure the engine will run smoothly any time you drive your Saturn. If you are driving on damaged or worn parts, it can compromise the Saturn’s safety and performance. Call an experienced mechanic, if you notice any slippage or other problems with your Saturn clutch.

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