Affordable Honda Clutch Repair

Honda manual cars are fun and comfortable to drive. However, most of that is dependent on whether the Honda clutch is functioning properly and is properly adjusted, as well. The most common problems with Honda clutches include slippage and shudder, as a result of severe wear and tear to the components and sometimes as a result of contaminated fluids and oil. In some serious situations, having a worn Honda clutch can cause other parts of the drive-train to break or stop working completely.

Driving a Honda manual offers short throws and an amazingly, comfortable ride. However, if your Honda is experience problems like those mentioned above, you might need Honda clutch repair, pronto!

Honda clutch repair: Before it’s too late!

The clutch in your Honda is what provides smooth engine power to your transmission, if there are problems such as, slippage or shuddering, it can cause major damage, which could cost you some major bills. Therefore, immediate Honda clutch repair is the best thing you can do to ensure your vehicle will be running smooth, and will last you for a long time!


If your Honda clutch is slipping, chances are that the clutch is wearing out and will need Honda clutch repair to restore it to its maximum potential.


If you smell burning plastic or the smell of burnt rubber and metal (particularly on the left side of your Honda), your clutch is bad. In addition, if there is smoke coming from the left side of the engine that smells bad, like burnt motor oil — this signals a bad Honda clutch, that needs attention right away.

Soft Clutch

When your Honda clutch must be pressed all the way down to the floor (and the problem has persistently gotten worse since the vehicle was new), it means that your clutch is wearing down. Some Honda drivers even have to press in the clutch to force the shifter into gear, in order to get the vehicle going. If your clutch is working correctly, it will offer significant resistance when pressing the pedal to the floor and should shift easily, without applying pressure.

Honda: Two Types of Clutches

People drive Hondas for many different reasons including fuel efficiency, total cost and for racing purposes, just to name a few. Therefore, there are two very different types of clutches. One is intended particularly for those who mainly just commute, while the other for those who like to drive faster – typically, for racing purposes. A basic stock replacement Honda clutch is perfect for those who drive at normal speeds, to and from work (primarily). For those who like to race or who enjoy driving at higher speeds, the high-performance Honda clutch is an impressive option. The high-performance clutch for Honda is intended to help your car perform better at high speeds.

In 2010, the Honda Accord ranked number five out of a list that ranked the 21 most affordable mid-size vehicles by U.S. News Rankings & Reviews. However, every manual vehicle can break down or have problems with the clutch that deserves rapid attention and Honda clutch repair. These vehicles are affordable, gas-efficient and reliable, at least if they’re being properly maintained, serviced and repaired.

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